Your DIY Magnetic Generator – Domestic Magnetic Generators to Power Your Home

For anyone looking for a complete free energy system to power their homes or business that has zero emissions and requires little to no maintenance, then the latest technology in magnetic energy is for you. Within the next ten years, this technology will be far more common place than solar and wind energy is today. The reason for this is that the energy generated by these magnetic systems exceeds the energy required to operate them and as a result free, clean energy is produced.

There are presently two systems available that are domestic applications of this technology that are both easy to manufacture and can power your entire home. That means that you will have access to free energy while being able to support a greener, safer and healthier planet. How easy are these systems to build and install?

These systems are both easy to understand and simple to construct. Full instructions offered with the plans cater for the complete DIY novice. The systems operates on the simple concept of the attraction and repulsion between the polarities of magnets. It is this attraction and repulsion which results in perpetual motion, which is then converted into electricity. Just as sunlight converts to electricity utilizing solar panels, so does perpetual motion convert to electricity utilizing the magnetic generator. Maintenance is minimal and the systems are extremely reliable resulting in very little interruption in service. It is also not dependent on external weather factors such as sunlight of wind in order to produce energy.

The total cost of a generator that would provide around 50% of our household needs in a home with two adults and one child cost our family in the region of $100 to manufacture with all components being easily obtained from the local hardware store. The cost of the system will be recovered by our household with a few short months and additional generators will then be installed in order to cover all our household requirements.

For anyone looking for an alternative energy supply and want to take advantage of the latest technology to produce free, clean energy for their homes and families, these systems are by far the most economically and environmentally viable.