Toilet Bowl Cleaner: The Inexpensive Alternative for Cleaning Grout

If you have tile in your home, possibilities are you’ve spent some time cleansing grout.

It’s unattainable not to end up with soiled grout. Day to day foot traffic and once in a while spills leave at the rear of stains that can be really hard to clean.

And when there are quite a few grout cleaning products on the marketplace, you could possibly have a little something in your home suitable now that will work just as properly — bathroom bowl cleaner. 

That’s suitable — typical outdated bathroom bowl cleaner that arrives in a squeeze bottle can clean grout!

Rest room bowl cleaner consists of bleach, so it will not only lighten grout stains, but it will also kill any mildew or mildew. Additionally, toilet bowl cleaner is a great deal cheaper than grout cleaner.

Hand pouring Clorox toilet bowl cleaner gel into grout lines on a bathroom floor
Rest room bowl cleaner is fantastic for cleaning grout simply because of its small spout and thick gel regularity. (3 Echoes Information Studio)

Just squeeze it specifically into the grout joints. For the reason that it has a gel consistency, it fills up the joint lines and stays put.  

The moment the lines are saturated in bathroom bowl cleaner, permit it established for a good 30 to 40 minutes or so. Then, scrub them with a rigid-bristled. 

Want to use significantly less elbow grease? Transform a regular hand scrub brush into a electricity attachment for your drill! Just look at How to Cleanse Tiles More rapidly Than Ever to learn how.

Following you are completed scrubbing, wipe the surface area thoroughly clean with a microfiber fabric to absorb the cleaner. You can come back afterwards with a little drinking water to clean up the extra toilet bowl cleaner.

After you’ve cleaned it to your liking, seal the grout strains to retain them cleaner for lengthier.

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