Sunflowers care – a guide to the most beautiful types

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Getting sunflowers care right result in sensational blooms. They are super easy to grow and shoot up fast, adding a touch of razzle dazzle colour that’s guaranteed to up the feel good factor in your outside space. A few stems look great in indoor arrangments too. And what’s more there’s a huge selection of different types to choose from, which is why they’re one of the most popular modern flower bed ideas. 

As well as the supersized variety in fluro yellow try the dainty ones that have numerous flowers instead of just the one dinnerplate. The more petite variety also come in a palette of late summer shades featuring fiery russet, ruby red, burnt orange and gold hues. They make good cut flowers too as they’re less likely to topple vases and you can fill the house with them from July onwards. 

The proper name for sunflowers is ‘helianthus’, so look out for this on seed packets. Sunflowers care is simple – apart from staking them when they start to grow tall and remembering to keep watering there’s not much else to do in terms of plant maintenance. It’s time to get on to it right now!

sunflowers care

Nothing says summer like a sunflower in full bloom

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Sunflowers care – how to plant them