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THERE was when a contrarian in Malaysian politics. He carried no baggage nor expectations of…

THERE was when a contrarian in Malaysian politics. He carried no baggage nor expectations of any political get together compared with his other colleagues in Selangor.

But Abdul Jabar Mohd Yusof or superior recognized as Cikgu Jabar was undaunted. He was the condition assemblyman for Batu Laut in 1974, 1978 and 1982.

He must be properly-favored to earn towards Umno’s formidable political equipment in a few consecutive condition elections.

What have we figured out from Cikgu Jabar? A ton in fact. It is not straightforward to get elections on an Impartial ticket.

Even if you do, it is challenging to “service” the constituency. Allocation is usually channelled to associates of the ruling occasion or coalition.

“Projek pembangunan” (progress assignments) did not occur to Batu Laut but his voters understood. In 1986, he contested on the ticket of the now-defunct Malaysian Nationalist Party or Nasma. He misplaced spectacularly.

Cikgu Jabar is a legend in his individual right. He redefined the notion of an “Independent candidate”. He could have begun a political motion one-handedly.

He could have tested that remaining principled even though with out any political affiliation, a representative could nevertheless provide the people today.

Then there was Tan Sri Shahrir Samad who stood as an Unbiased in 1988 in protest from Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad’s Umno.

He gained but then all over again Johor Baru has normally been his stronghold considering the fact that he built his debut in 1978.

There have been quite a few Independents combating for a spot in Dewan Rakyat or the condition assemblies over the years. But the very good identify of Independent candidates successful elections have usually been sullied by these providing their “souls” to the greatest bidder.

It was not uncommon to see them siding the successful parties at the slightest opportunity.

There was a single instance in Malaysian politics when Independents could have been a drive to be reckoned with. There was hope for new politics. They could have impacted upon law-creating in the Dewan Rakyat.

It was in 2010 at the first conference of the 12th Parliament in March. There were 7 Independents in the Dwelling, 4 of them just resigned from PKR.

It was interesting what was mentioned at the time. The spokesperson for the previous PKR group was speaking about an “independent caucus”.

He envisioned a caucus of “like-minded representatives with shared concerns”. That could have been a formidable “third force” in Malaysian politics.

Barisan Nasional has less than two-3rd greater part at the time, with only 137 MPs. But unfortunately, the idea fizzled out.

I am extra self-assured now of searching over and above political parties in electing MPs and point out associates.

The current circumstance is ripe for such a shift. Things are shifting on the floor.

The country’s political landscape has been redrawn dramatically. There is an total mistrust of politicians and political functions ideal now. Divisive politics is feeding on us up.

Race and faith are currently being utilized unashamedly. We have to try for a greater political ecosystem and to convey sanity to our political culture.

I have never observed so significantly toxicity and hatred to politicians and political institutions.

The respect for politicians on both sides of the political divide is at the all-time very low. Folks are not happy about how the Covid-19 pandemic disaster is being managed. They despised how political events are paying out too a lot time jostling for electric power.

Even as the country carries on to register greatest everyday bacterial infections, the speak is continue to on politics and political survival. Men and women are suffering yet politicians do what politicians do greatest – shielding their very own pursuits.

I think it is a very good time to reset our political construct.

Parliamentarians have to improve for the superior. Critical selections on procedures must be created outside of get together lines.

Parliamentarians ought to have the courage to disagree with the celebration they signify for the sake of the people today they served. They need to have the unbiased caucus to be on their side when need be.

It is not effortless to modify the full procedure and more so the way of thinking. You just can’t just “retake political powers from political parties” that conveniently.

Getting into thing to consider most political parties have properly-oiled equipment and a potent grassroot guidance, any try to fight against them is a gargantuan process.

Even so, it is much more reasonable to guarantee a sensible range of Independents to begin a new political system in Dewan Rakyat. Soon after all no coalition commands two-3rd vast majority following the 2008 election.

Gerak Independent’s move is as a result well timed.

The notion, in accordance to its founders, is to supply Independent MPs. They are to be “disciplined and principled” persons with integrity to provide the persons and “to secure and preserve the legal rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution”.

They are putting the selection at 20, not numerous, thinking about we have 222 parliamentary seats now. But this is a excellent commence.

Cikgu Jabar was by yourself in Selangor condition assembly for 15 a long time. He did not modify the procedure. But he aided modify perceptions about what “Independents” can do in a democracy.

Johan Jaaffar is a journalist, editor and for some yrs chairman of a media firm, and is passionate about all things literature and the arts. And a diehard rugby supporter. The sights expressed in this article are solely his individual.