Minimalist backyard garden inspiration

November 08, 2021 Don’t ignore the empty area behind your home. Turn it into a…

Minimalist backyard garden inspiration

November 08, 2021

Don’t ignore the empty area behind your home. Turn it into a garden behind the house that can be a sanctuary or just a place to relax in your spare time with family members. Take advantage of the following minimalist garden ideas as your source of inspiration:

Green Grass Minimalist Garden Ideas

Source: Magnolia Residences, Jakarta

Cool the eyes with green grass in the garden behind your house. You can use artificial grass for easy maintenance or use real grass according to your taste. If you have limited space but want the full green view, use one side of the wall as a vertical garden.

Minimalist Garden Ideas with Fish Pond
Present the water element in the garden behind the house in the form of a small fish pond. The sound of gurgling water from the pool provides a calm and cool atmosphere, and of course, helps you relieve stress. Fish ponds can be combined with mini waterfalls to strengthen the impression of nature in the area.

Wood Elements in the Back Garden

Natural elements are one easy way to give a touch of warmth in the design of indoor and outdoor areas. This principle also applies to garden design. Give some natural elements in the area, more than just greenery. One of the natural elements that blend nicely with plants is wood. You can present it in various ways, ranging from using wooden walls, wooden floors, wooden furniture that has a modern or rustic design in the form of logs, and so on.

Open Minimalist Garden Ideas
A garden with an open concept like this refers to a garden design that blends with other rooms. The garden is an integral part of the existing rooms, such as the laundry room, kitchen, and dining room. This design is suitable for use in a minimalist home that adheres to the concept of open space, where one area becomes a place for several activities. This type of garden can be included as part of an indoor area with a transparent roof, or it can also be used as part of an outdoor area where a roof does not protect only the garden area.

Garden and Garden
For those who have a gardening hobby, you can conjure up the garden behind the house as a vegetable or fruit garden. Current gardening methods have developed very rapidly so that the size of a narrow area is no longer an obstacle. The idea of ​​gardening with a vertical or aquaponic method is just one of the many ideas you can apply.

Tropical Garden in Backyard

One idea that is currently popular in garden design is creating a tropical garden. What does it mean? This means that the garden is dominated by plants identical to the tropical impression, such as bamboo, bananas, and palms. These plants have many variants or types, so you can choose the right variant according to the impression you want to present, plus the availability of garden space.

Tiny Gazebo in Back Garden
The idea of ​​a minimalist garden using a small gazebo in the back area of ​​the house is another alternative to try. The pavilion is the right place to relax or to entertain friends and relatives who come to visit. The gazebo models available in the market are also very diverse, so you can choose the model that suits your taste.

A Unique Touch in a Minimalist Garden

Give a unique touch to the garden with the use of unique furniture. For example, add a table and chairs in wooden logs, a chaise longue with a unique picture/pattern, an egg chair, or a hammock to relax. Unique touches can also be presented in various other ways, such as using string lights or thread lights as a light source at night, displaying artworks, and so on.

Magnolia Residence by developer Intiland has an area behind the house that you can turn into a beautiful garden that suits your taste. The basic design of the residence and garden of Magnolia Residence itself has considered all aspects of a safe and comfortable residence. This way, you can be more creative in creating a personal space that suits your needs for the satisfaction of all family members.