‘Aphrodite’ Calycanthus receives the Theodore Klein Plant Award

SuperCal Quality petunia This intergeneric calibrachoa-petunia cross offers efficiency that normal petunias just cannot give….

SuperCal Quality petunia

This intergeneric calibrachoa-petunia cross offers efficiency that normal petunias just cannot give. Not only is it heat-tolerant and rain-tolerant, it’s chilly-tolerant to 25° F. Sakata is relaunching the plan with exceptional drop shades to aid increase the revenue window for petunias.

SuperCal Top quality has greater flowers than SuperCal and a extra mounding behavior, so Sakata is dropping a couple of SuperCal original versions and introducing new selections like SuperCal Quality Sunset Orange (viewed over), Purple Dawn, Pearl White and Yellow Sun.

Sunpatiens Vigorous impatiens

New breeding has brought new vigor, greater branching and superior heat tolerance than the first technology of Sunpatiens. It’s great for cooler areas for the reason that of its quick-increasing character. Sweetheart White is new, though White is enhanced.

Angelissa angelonia

This new Angelissa sequence presents uniformity and complementary colours perfect for mixed containers. With much larger flower spikes and powerful, sturdy stems, it grows to 12-16 inches tall and 10-12 inches extensive. It comes in Purple, Rose and White.

Sundance lantana

This new collection characteristics sturdy, semi-mounding crops with fantastic heat tolerance. Though Sundance Lantana can be applied by itself, Sakata is endorsing its use in combos, in particular with SunPatiens. Growers can order the combinations from liners and grow with strong uniformity.

Viking Explorer begonia x hybridia

For use in hanging baskets, combinations and as a bedding plant, this new collection has an abundance of additional-substantial blooms on prime of glossy foliage. It is all-climate resistant, rising 20-24 inches tall and 35-39 inches large. It’s 10 times previously than Dragonweed and grown from seed. It will come in Purple on Green and Rose on Environmentally friendly.

Lighthouse primula

Distinctive, smaller flowers with an explosion of blooms on major of stems. Sakata is hoping that this new sequence with move the primula industry to the East and increase early gross sales selections. Its compact, uniform habit suggests no PGRs are essential, and longer stems lessen the threat of botrytis. Regular blooms with great shelf everyday living and great for shops. Lighthouse will come in Blue, Pink, Rose, Yellow and Blend.


Gemstone anemone

A new collection of lower flowers, Gemstone’s blooms expand to be 4 inches, great for holiday break promotions. Its long harvest window extends its cargo season and its better density generation gives growers a lot more odds for profit. This collection presents vivid, vibrant shades in Blue, Purple Bicolor, Scarlet and White.

Profusion Zinnia Crimson Yellow Bicolor

This new colour in the Profusion line is an AAS award-winner. It performs very well in substantial heat and stands out in large containers or landscape plantings. It grows to 14-18 inches superior and 20-24 inches extensive.